Saturday, 23 June 2018

some good blogger news

Hello friends, this will be a very short post only. First of all, thank you to all those of you who commented on my last post, I promise I will keep posting here occasionally and it was good to hear others are also no fans of facebook....

I am still creating further decorated mail to go out to pen pals
All done in a very similar way. But the real reason I am posting here is because I have found a solution to the problem of not receiving comments left on your blog in your email.

My good friend, the wonderful Anne Redfern,  shared this with some of us who are on design teams with her. She has since also posted it on her blog, so I think many of you will have seen it already, but just in case you have not, this is what she wrote:
 If you have been having problems getting your Blogger comments via email, there is a solution which is working for me and many others too!  My dear friend Darnell posted the solution on her blog and I am sharing it here:

* Go to your dashboard
* Click on Settings
* Click on Email
* Delete your email address and click on 'Save Settings' in upper right
* Re-enter your email address and click on 'Save Settings' again
* You will then receive an email in your inbox from Blogger confirming that you want to subscribe
* Click on the underlined word 'Subscribe' in the email

Please share if you have other friends/Design Teams where this issue has been a problem.

Well, that's it from me, have a good weekend


Dorthe said...

Thank you so much Astrid-
I have tried to do this --, but with all the terms in Danish, I don`t find the right place to do it- I will try again- it should be so simple, but LOL- obviously not for me -
Hope your weekend is great.
Hugs, Dorthe

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous Astrid. Just read your list below too about Blogger. I don't received emails but I don't need to really as I only get a few comments now on Blogger so I just check regularly. It's a shame that readers are not visiting blogs as much. I love keeping a blog, it's like a diary . Love your artwork. Tracy ❤️

Anonymous said...

What joy to hear others are no fans of Facebook! I thought I was alone. To say I am no fan is to put it quite nicely. Love all your blog posts and getting them in email always makes me happy.

Meggymay said...

These are fabulous envelopes, I think the post men will enjoy see them as well when they delver them.
Thank you for the information as well.
Looking forward to your future posts.
Yvonne xx

Kate Yetter said...

Some more beautiful mail art, Astrid! I hope that you will still post on your blog. I love seeing your art.

My name is Erika. said...

Thanks for the blogging help. I need to fix mine so I am going to try this. ANd your envelopes look gorgeous, like the others you showed us. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs-Erika

Christiane Courtin-Mangez said...

Georgous, love so much mail arts !!!

Amazing, I'am a great fan Astrid !!!, hugs from France !!!

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Glad to hear you will still be blog posting occasionally Astrid a treat for us all when you do as sharing an ipad makes it difficult for me to keep up to date with instagram everyday.

It's good to see that the blogger notifications are now working for some people. I noticed a post from blogger official on the subject last weekend and played around with my settings whilst fighting with those updates.
I missed it when they first announced the fix as I was on holiday.

Your mail art is so beautiful, i'd just have to frame that work of art.
Hugs for a sunny Sunday Tracey xx

cristina said...

Thanks a lot Astrid, I had the same problem and I did that you say ... I hope the result will be ok....
Regards Cristinam

Annie said...

Wonderful snail mail posts Astrid xx I agree that the postman will love seeing them too...brighten up his day !!!

I can vouch that this fix works and makes it much easier to know when comments/updates from other blogs are available. xx

Happy Sunday and thank you for your lovely comment on my file folder xx

Annie xx

Maryann Laursen said...

Thanks sooo much for your message about Blogger, I haven´t tried it yet, but hope it might help me too, but I must confess, I´ve soon given up on most of these medias as it seems they all just wants to get hold of our connections, so they can get their hands on as many new people as possible, so they look good them self, so I´m not much anywhere anymore, and admit, I would be sooo disappoinyted, if I couldn´t get to see those, I really like to follow on the mail anymore.
Your work is as always just amazing Astrid and I always LOVE to watch whatever you´re doing, so hopefully you nwount stop to share that
Have a wonderful sunday and new week ahead.

Jackie PN said...

Ha! too bad I did not read the next post first! heehee Well,now the info is out there twice!
Hope your weekend is lovely as well!
Jackie xo

sk1231india said...

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Patty O'Malley said...

Thanks so much for sharing the blogging tip, Astrid. Will give it a try.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Astrid I will try this as I have been using the Notify Me button to get the comments sent to my emails which works but it's a pain to have to remember to do it every time you post something. Happy crafty weekend, Angela xXx

Redanne said...

Astrid, your art, as always is beautiful. I really do hope that the fix for Blogger works! Hugs, Anne xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Astrid, just popped back to thank you for the tip re. the blogger comments, I am pleased to report it works!!!! I must pop over and thank Darnell too. Thanks for the lovely comment over at mine too.... not sure how many thank yous that must be Lol! Any way.....wishing you a lovely creative week, Angela xXx

Let's Art Journal said...

Such beautiful envelopes! I hope you are enjoying your happy mail swaps and Instagram 😁. Wishing you a happy and creative week! J 😊 x

Unknown said...

Beautiful envelopes.

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