Sunday 27 September 2020

Sunday Funday with a freebie

 Hello everyone and welcome! I decided to do a post today to share some fun projects with you, and a fun project needs a fun freebie too of course, so here goes:

Regulars will know that I love creating journals, but they take a long time and are a lot of work, so I created a new small collection for my Etsy shop  which you can use to create the kind of project I will show, or you can make it part of a journal too if you want.

It's basically a little file folder you can fussy cut and with it come loads of tags and little cards.
I like to make the little folders into pockets, by putting accordion elements inside. If you come back here on Friday October 2 I will show you more detail of how I do that.
I am also on a stash busting mission, so at the moment I am making lots of different kinds of pockets, that can be filled with little tags, cards or whatever else you may have in your stash.

 Here I am mostly using elements that come with this new collection. If you are interested, you can find it HERE

I have been making, in fact mostly mass making, two different kinds of pockets, one kind is made from leftover scrapbooking papers, here is an example
On Friday I will share a link to a tutorial on how to make these.
The other kind of pocket is made out of old book pages, many junk journalers will have stacks of these, I certainly do.
I found ideas of how to make this on several YouTube channels, here is a link to one option: Triple Pockets
Or here is another one: I basically combined them.

Now as to the freebie, below is an example of how to make a little fun envelope, using some of the elements, that will then neatly fit into the pockets show above:
Here first of all is the freebie, so you can see what I'm talking about:
And here you can see how I cut out and then glued together one of the little envelopes:

The front

The back with one of the little circles, used as a closure, by just gluing down the bottom half so the little flap can be tucked underneath.

The little tags fit neatly inside the envelopes, and then the whole thing can be tucked into one of the larger pockets as a little interactive surprise.

Well, that's it for today, I hope I have given you some ideas with this little project. I think these little file folders can be a fun gift for a crafty friend, or indeed be an element you insert into a journal.
Like usual, if you would like to get the high resolution version of the freebie for printing, just email me by clicking here:
Thank you for visiting

Saturday 12 September 2020

Autumnal Envelope booklet (Tutorial and a freebie)

 Hello friends, hope you are all well and happy.

Here the weather has turned decidedly autumnal and with that I was inspired to create a booklet/folder thingy in an autumnal mood. I used my latest Etsy collection which you can find HERE. I also used some of the freebies which you will find at the end of this post.

So here goes:

It's made in a very similar way as the booklet you can see in my previous post. The cover is made by simply sliding two envelopes into each other as you can see on the picture below.

The next step is to cover both the out and the inside with bits of your chosen papers, carefully cut to size. For the outside of my cover I chose to sew around it,  and add a dry embossed spine and some lace. I then decorated further with some elements from the freebies.

On the inside cover I made a little pocket with a flap. The closure is a punched out shape, I think it's called fishtail or something, sadly no longer available, but you can of course use any kind of punch, you just need to make sure you only glue down the bottom half, so the flap can slip under the top half. On the right side of the picture above you can see the cover of the little booklet I sewed inside.

Here you can see some of the journal cards that come with the collection and that fit inside the pocket. I just rounded the corners and inked around the edges.

Here is the inside of the booklet, I did some subtle stenciling on the inside of the covers, but left the inside coffee dyed pages blank for notes or journaling.

And here is the back cover. I made a belly band and made two little envelopes (one of them you will fiind in the freebie, the other is part of the collection), and filled them with some further journaling cards and tags.

And here is a selection of the journaling cards. The larger ones fit inside the large pockets of the envelope covers. The one on the left is a piece of one of the papers that I folded in half to make into a note card.

And here finally is the freebie. Like usual, just pop me an email if you want the high resolution one for printing.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and perhaps it gave you some new ideas. Happy crafting and thanks for your visit!


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Birthday Card

Birthday Card
Just got a whole lot of new stamps from a brilliant place called the Stamp Smith. This is the image that I first saw on Docraft and really liked. I asked the friend who has used it in an ATC, where she got it. Well she borrowed it from a friend who got it from ebay as a one off. But.... it had a title. I googled the title, and hey presto found the site. They have great stamps and offer a really friendly fast service. I highly recommend them!

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Gothic Arch Trifold inside

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Back of Gothic Arch Trifold

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Gothic Arch Within the Heart

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