Friday, 28 October 2016

Paloma, beautiful dove of Peace

Hello friends, I think many of you know who Paloma is and perhaps you have been following her journey across the continents.

In case, this is new to you, this is what her creator, the lovely Lys had to say about her, way back on November 15, - now almost a year ago. It was shortly after the horror of the attack on Paris:

After the shock, the anger, the nausea ... what to say, what to do?I have only weapons made of paper and words ... I can face violence only with my values ​​and beliefs.Freedom and peace are the ones I Wished to give today.So this is Paloma, my little dove single paper.

Since then Paloma has been travelling the globe and carrying with her the message of peace and love between crafters. A few days ago she landed on my doorstep. She had come from Ireland and arrived in a huge parcel full of crafty gifts from Shirley. Thanks so much for all those goodies Shirley!!!

Unfortunately, somehow on her journey between Ireland and Scotland a little blue book that had been travelling with her got lost. This little book contained the names and addresses of all the people that signed up to photograph her along the way. 
When neither I nor Shirley could find this little book, I contacted Lys, but sadly she has no full list of people that had said they wanted to be part of this message of peace.... So what to do?

It is clear to me that Paloma needs to continue her journey of peace, now more so than ever before, so the best I can offer is this:

If you would like to be part of Paloma's journey, - please leave a comment on this post and contact me with your name and address and I will put a new booklet together, to travel along with her. You can reach me by clicking the contact me button in my side bar.

Well to finish this  long post, here is a card, featuring Paloma's journey of peace, it will go to whoever contacts me first. Please spread the word!!
I drew a dove roughly too the same shape of the original Paloma. Created a background with inks, added some texture with the help of transparent texture past and then put my little Paloma in front of the lovely Tim Holtz globe die.

A few die cut embellishments and a poinsettia created with another of Tim's dies, finished off my card.

And here is the card together with the actual Paloma, I very much hope she can soon be on her way again!!
If you want to see where Paloma has been so far already, just click here. And if you were on the original list but have not yet received her, or indeed if you would like to be part of this journey, - PLEASE BE IN TOUCH!!!

Thank you for your visit like alway and may peace reign on earth one day in the future!!!


Ink Art Designs said...

Such a special journey for Paloma. The places she visits and the sites she sees on her worldwide flight is inspiring to say the least. We really are all one on this planet and it is so nice to be reminded of that in a hands-on wy. I would love to take part in this adventure Astrid.
Dot x
Dot x

Annie said...

How lovely that Paloma has arrived in your amazing city Astrid x I too would love to take part in her amazing journey xx
Love the way in which you incorporated your beautiful dove in to your Christmas card x As you know I love the globe. Another gorgeous card

TFS and best wishes
Annie xx

Brenda Brown said...

Love your beautiful card and photographs of Paloma and what a wonderful make and likeness of her. Wishing her safe travels xxx

Monika Gulyas said...

What a beautiful thought - bringing peace into life of different people (culturally, religiously etc.) with Paloma! And your card, Astrid, is just fabulous! Bon voyage, Paloma!

Lys said...

Thanks so much Astrid for hosting Paloma and setting her among these beautiful roses! The card you made is gorgeous, little Paloma's sister is a very nice gift. I hope Paloma will go on her worldwide journey with the new address booklet you'll make.

brenda said...

A lovely post Astrid and what a shame about the little book, I remember Paloma arriving with Shirley and it's a lovely card you have created as well.

B x

chrissie said...

A very beautiful Paloma offering Astrid and such a shame that the book went missing along the way.

Love Chrissie xx

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful Paloma post. I got hijacked again when I went to comment on your post and landed again at another site! Hugs, Valerie

Redanne said...

Oh how sad that her little passport has been lost! From memory Astrid, Nicola of Paper Profusion was on the list, but I cannot remember any more, I have Nicola's address if you would like to send her there.

Paloma looks beautiful in the midst of your gorgeous red roses and the card you created is truly stunning! Wishing her a safe onward journey.... Hugs, Anne xx

froebelsternchen said...

Sorry that the booklet got lost - but good that her journey continues!
A really beautiful card Astrid!
Happy weekend!
oxo Susi

Cocofolies said...

I have been one of the lucky ladies who has welcomed Paloma on its Peace journey.. and sent it to Shirley :)
How sad news that the little book with all the names and addresses has been lost!! Especially as it would have made a great little treasured keepsake for Lys at the end..
I hope you will be able to make another one Astrid?..
Apart that, I love your card, just exquisite and fabulous!!!
Crafty hugs from me xxx

Rita said...

Beautiful Paloma dove of peace Astrid. Hope that the new book doesn't go astray. I too would love to take part. Hugs Rita xxxx

Dorthe said...

A gorgeous card you created to follow Paloma on her next tour, around the world, Astrid.The globe is the perfect background for her, and the poinsettia so stunning.
Have a peaceful, and wonderful journey ,and lets all hope for more love between every one !!
Dorthe, xxoo

Maryann Laursen said...

It´s an absolut gorgeous card, and I love the story behind it too. Sorry to hear, that the little book went astray, but unfortunately too much does in the mail these days. It´s really hard to join in on anything these days, as way too often, then sent cards and stuff never get to the reciever. I think I´ve lost not less than 6 different cards and one gift this year, so I must confess, I´ve given uop to participate in anything anymore because of that, but with the expensive åpostage and then soo much goes missing and we have to replace it time after time, it´s simply too expensive. It´s really sad but not much we can do about, as it seems the post people doesn´t seem to care a bit atr least here they don´t.

Meggymay said...

A lovely post to read and your card is beautiful. I hope Paloma continues her journey safely.
Yvonne xx

rachel said...

such a beautiful card Astrid and how wonderful that you are recreating the book - I believe my name was on the originl list so will send you my deets. Big hugs to you. Rachel x

Patty O'Malley said...

I love this card! So beautiful!

Jackie PN said...

What a beautiful card Astrid!Perfect design and elements! and how thoughtful to make a new book of the original that was lost- however did it get separated from Paloma?!
Well, happy to here she will be on the way again-wishing her safe travels, on the wings of a dove!

Pamellia said...

That's unfortunate about the book, all the little messages are out in the world though. Beautiful card, I love that you made a memento of Paloma's visit with you! I have already visited with her, so don't put me on the list. hugs :)

butterfly said...

Lovely to see Paloma alighting on her candlelit rose shrine to peace, and your tiny Paloma perched on the fabulous festive card is just wonderful. So sorry to hear the book has gone missing... I'm afraid it's so long since I was filling it out that I can't remember who was in it. Most of the ones which spring to mind have already had a visit. I'll go back to my original Paloma post and see if I can find any other clues.
Alison x

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love your tribute to Paloma! Such a shame that the booklet got lost! Maybe it will be sent to someone in it if it is found by someone kind! Let's hope! Hugs, Chrisx

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