Friday, 15 April 2016

Practise, practise, practise

Hello all and thanks for dropping in. In the last few weeks I have been playing quite a bit with watercolours, trying to master this tricky medium a little better. I was not really sure whether I should share what I have been up to, but seeing that after I shared some recent moody watercolour landscapes many of you said you wanted to see more, I thought oh well,-  so here goes, - a series of little flower and other nature elements practice pieces....
Some of these were done from photos, others from real life. In this one, the nest was from a photo, the blossoms and leaf I picked on a recent walk.

Mistletoe and Hawthorn, much loved by ancient druids for their magical properties (from photos)
Hawthorn blossom, an interpretation done from memory.

The next two are very poor attempts to capture moods in a looser style, they were inspired by the amazing watercolour artist Ann Blockley
The background on this one is really terrible, but hey ho, I decided to show it anyway....
Well, - there you go, - practice, practice, practice, - I need to do a lot more of that, but if nothing else, at least I am having fun, that's if I don't get too frustrated with myself. 

Thanks for indulging me with these little pieces, have a good weekend and see you next time


Valerie-Jael said...

Your paintings are wonderful Astrid, keep going! Hugs, Valerie

Maryann Laursen said...

I totally agree with Valerie here, they are wonderful, and I wish I could do just half as good as this. I think they´re amazing, and if this is just the practice sheets, then I can´t wait to see how it´ll look in a while after more practicing, that´s for sure. You definitely have talent for this no doubt of that. I love it.
You have a wonderful week-end ahead here too hun and lots of fun.

brenda said...

Each and every piece a little masterpiece in it's own right Astrid, it's hard to select a favourite, the berries and Pansies all draw me but it has to be the Hawthorn at the top of my list. Since a child I have loved walking the hedgerows when it's in blossom and when we moved to our current house some thirty plus years ago, my Dad planted the hedgerow of one of the paddocks with them and at this time of year I eagerly await their blossom and aroma.

Many thanks for the memory.

B x

chrissie said...

Fabulous Astrid! I love the idea of seeing the white page and it makes the painting stand out so well. It reminded me of old books with prints of rare flowers and pages covered in tissue paper to protect them.

Thank you for sharing more of your lovely work

Chrissie xx

Almo said...

Astrid it is so nice to see how your watercolouring is developing with each piece you create. I love the detail in the leaves on your April cover. I am gld you showed the pansies, a difficult flower to paint I am sure, and I think your colour blend especially on the middle ones are lovely. Mo x

Annie said...

Your watercolour paintings are stunning Astrid, particularly love the Hawthorn flowers. Have a lovely weekend

Hugs Annie x

Pamellia said...

Wow Astrid, seems like you are a natural with the watercolours! These are just amazing!! I spent a pretty penny on a set of watercolour pencils and I never use them! You may have inspired me to pull them off the shelf. hugs :)

Patty O'Malley said...

I think these are all wonderful, Astrid! I love the Hawthorn blossoms!

Dorthe said...

They are wonderful , I love the one with your nest and the (maybe) cherry blossoms.. but also the hawthorn is so beautiful ,Astrid. I am eating dried hawthorn shells, for the huge amount of c-vitamins they are holding :-) We have them also growing here on Bornholm. I think you are doing so beautiful, the pansies and all. Are you painting with pencils or using a brush ?
Wish I could do the same.
Dorthe, Oxx

Unknown said...

All are just BEAUTIFUL Astrid. Seems like each one could go into one of those fancy accordion books and it would be a KNOCKOUT of botanicals. This was a great treat to see... don't get frustrated - keep playing... it's WONDERFUL and INSPIRING. Xj.

Redanne said...

There is definitely nothing terrible about any of your pieces Astrid, you have got the perspective and colours perfectly, in my opinion! The Hawthorn blossom is particularly beautiful. Hugs, Anne xx

Meggymay said...

These are all beautiful water colours, keep going and show us more of these wonderful paintings.
Yvonne xx

Kathy Bradley said...

You have so many wonderful and varied talents - and this is another - and the pieces are beautiful!

Mona Pendleton said...

Beautiful artwork Astrid! Love all your watercolour paintings!

Sandy said...

Are you kidding me!?! I don't see ANYTHING terrible here. Astrid your work is wonderful and it looks to me like you were born to water color!
Sandy xxz

butterfly said...

So happy you shared your further watercolour journey with us - so many lovely natural elements coming to life on the pages. I particularly love the page with the haws, hips and berries with that wonderful colour blended background. Hope you will continue to share your developing skills with us... it's already inspiring!
Alison x

Mrs.B said...

All lovely pieces Astrid, amd the last one is actually my favourite - I love the background.
Avril xx

Paper Profusion said...

So very lovely Astrid. Nicola x

Margaret Mifsud said...

Ohhh! to have your talent and flair .. each and every one of these is absolutely gorgeous .. even the ones you are not really happy with .. I love them all!! Wish you lived over here, I could use some lessons from you. You simply excell at everything you do .. please keep sharing these .. love them!! hugs xx

Jackie PN said...

All are very lovely, but those pansies...WOW they are just gorgeous Astrid!! xo

A Pink said...

Thank you ! Astrid for sharing your watercolour painting journey - your work is wonderful - you are a natural artist .
looking forward to seeing more of your work with the watercolours x
hugs x

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