Friday, 19 June 2020

Tag pocket tutorial and another freebie

Hello friends, welcome! Today I have a tutorial over at the A Vintage Journey blog, where I explain in detail how you can create a simple pocket for a tag, like the one I showed as part of our June challenge there. Of course you can use such a pocket for ephemera, gift or journaling cards or whatever you like.

Here I am showing just a few more ideas for such pockets that I mostly decorated with freebies I have posted here, including the one from today.
Each one is in a different size, and the beauty of these pockets is, they are super simple to make without the use of any expensive dies.
Below some close up pictures and brief descriptions:
The tag for this pocket was made from one of the papers in my etsy shop. I used a Graphics 45 die for it.
The pocket that it fits into is a matching bit of paper, I used another die to cut the aperture (before gluing it together obviously) and also did some stamping on the inside, to make it look more interesting when the tag is not inside. It is decorated with some elements from the freebie and a piece of lace.
This pocket is much smaller, again made with papers from my shop. The tag was cut with a large tag punch and decorated with another freebie. The butterfly on the pocket was pinched from another one of the papers.
This tag is more grungy. I used a Tim Holtz #8 tag from Mixed Media Heavy stock and used The Baroque stamps and distress spray inks and oxides to make the background and then more freebies to decorate.

The pocket to go along with it is made from Kraft card stock, sewn around the edges and collages with
scraps of paper.

The final pocket I am going to show is one made again from coffee dyed card and decorated with elements from my latest Etsy kit called Flower and Butterly Collage.
It is a kind of gift pocket with a decorative flap.
                                                      This is the front, the flap closes with a velcro tab

this is the back, the flap fits over the opening and the top
                                 And here is the back, the flap fits right over the opening at the top
                            and you just glue it to whatever side you want to be the back of your pocket.
                                        Here are some of the little tags and bits that fit inside.

And here finally is the freebie, it includes some little element from the new kit, but can be used with anything you like of course:

Like usual, if you would like a high resolution of this for printing, please email me. I am have been getting so many requests for these lately that I am now using "We Transfer" to send the files, as it is quicker and my internet is slow.

Well, that's it for now, - you can find the papers to go along with this freebie in my Etsy Shop, and if you want a description of how to make a pocket like this with several step by step photos, please hop over to A Vintage Journey .
Thanks for visiting like always


Maryann Laursen said...

Oh my this is so beautiful Astrid, and I just LOVE everything here and think, I need to ask for this set here too if you don´t mind. Your talent is truly amazing to make these things look great and so easy to use for all of us, who´s too stupid to find out to make such things ha ha. I for one is certainly glad, you´re sooo generous with your amazing work.
Have a wonderful week-end everyone and stay safe.

Bella said...

Awww they are so sweet! Can you please send me your beautiful freebie? my email is I am always delighted with your work.

Roxanne said...

These are wonderful Astrid! I am going to purchase the set that goes with this 'freebie'. :) Love love the other items I got from your wonderful Etsy shop. So yes, please send me this freebie in high resolution. email:
As always love your creations and the inspiration of your pieces.
Thank you so much! stay well, safe

Dorthe said...

This is so very beautiful Astrid. The tag pockets are wonderful, and you know you hit my heart with the romantic style . Your images are gorgeous, and thank you so much for the sweetest freebies ,- they are already printed :-) Hugs and a lovely weekrnd to you . xoxo

Jennifer said...

I have just found you from Dawn @The Book Vandal Shop. I have subscribed to your instagram and really love your style! You Ave done amazing work and I love your digitals! I would love to have the freebie emailed to me if possibe @
Thank you so much!

Annie said...

Hi Astrid xx I thought I had already posted a comment, but guess I never hit publish!!! I would love your freebies as you know I adore butterflies and these papers are amazing xx You have created the most adorable tags and bags here xx We must make some and Icads when we meet, hopefully in July xx

Take care my lovely friend and Happy Monday xx

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Alison! Your work is absolutely beautiful!!!! All of the pieces are amazing! I am following your blog now!!! HUGS!

nimeshaa said...

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Let's Art Journal said...

Wow, stunning! I so enjoyed seeing how it all came together and the amazing detail that you created - perfect 😁. I hope you've had a lovely week! Happy weekend! Hugs, Jo x

Rubal said...

Your work is really beautiful. I admire your work & I must say All of the pieces are amazing :)

Aryan said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful. All of the pieces are magnificent. Keep doing the good work.

Patty O'Malley said...



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Me said...

Hi Astrid, could you send me the high resolution freebies please

Thanks xx

Unknown said...

I just love all your printables!!!!!Please send me the res digis! How can I get access to all your freebies? Thanks again!

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