Friday, 18 January 2019

Friday journal post

Hello friends, it's Friday and that means another post here. There is not much new to share this week, as any arty crafty time I had, has mostly been spent doing writing practice.

Having tried my hand last year on learning brush pen lettering, this year I have moved on to an actual dip pen, - and boy, it's a whole different ball game... Trust me, I am not ready to share that yet, other than a few little try outs in my journal. So all I have today is a little video slideshow of said journal
I also have one further page from my planner to show, so here goes:
As I explained in a previous post, this is a Dyan Reaveley diary. I love the format and the quality of the paper, but my style is so very different from Dyan's that I think most weeks the first thing I will do is gesso over the artwork in the diary, as I did this week.
Next I set to work adding colour with the help of some acrylic paints and a small natural sponge.
Then I added some text with the help of one of Lynne's Affirmations wonderful stencils and some paste. When the paste had dried more stencilling followed with Watering Can archival inks. The final steps were adding some ephemera, (hand stamped on tea dyed paper) old book paper and washi tape.
I also added a wax seal and some black tread for a bit of texture.

This lovely Mucha image was part of a stationery box my daughter gave me for Christmas.
The final steps were to add some background stamping and lastly adding a light wash of Decoart Translucent white paint to tone it all down a bit and some white gesso splatters for a bit of a wintry feel.

Well that's it for this week and of course thank you for your visit like always.


Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful post, love the journal page with the Mucha image. I tried writing with home made quill pens last year, and yes, it is hard! Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

Very beautiful page Astrid and great use of the stenciled letters. Never think to use mine.

Good luck with the quill pen. I had enough trouble at school with ink blots as we had to use a piece of wood with a nib attached. Always someone had detention and had to clean out the ink wells--not me ever thank goodness.

Have a great weekend

Love Chrissie xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Loved seeing the slide show! The page with the Mucha image is stunning and such an inspiration! Hugs,Chrisx

Meggymay said...

It was super to see the slide show Astrid, all the pages look beautiful.
I smiled when I read your comment about gesso and Dyan's journal. I never used as much ever, as I did last year, the paper is good quality thank goodness. It is a fantastic diary page you created and a lovely Mucha image.
Yvonne xx

butterfly said...

How lovely to see these brighter colours appearing - the rosy tones of the Mucha look lovely against the turquoise. I've not seen the inside pages of the Dyary, I think, but I can imagine I'd feel much the same about them! I think I did see a peek of your dip pen writing in the video, did I? Talking about using Sumi ink? In which case I'm looking forward to seeing more. I adore my dip pen - it forces me into imperfection and a much more interesting line when I'm drawing - which is all to the good to my eye. It's the same for the writing, for me... I prefer the unpredictability to my (to me, because I've lived with it so long I suppose) rather boring handwriting - at least for artsy work. I'm not sure I'd take to writing with it full time for normal purposes!
Alison x

Dorthe said...

Dear Astrid, the view through your journal was a most lovely pause to breathe slowly, and only enjoy , all your beauty !
Also the Mucha girl, in her turquoise world, is a gorgeous page . Love the stenciled words , from Lynne .
Hugs to you.
Dorthe xoxo

Kate Yetter said...

The flip through of your journal is gorgeous with all that hand writing. It reminds me of something old that I would love to hold in my hands. I am going to have to look into this handwriting art form. I think I would love to add this to my art.
And your journal page in blue has a ethereal look to it. I love the imprint into the wax! It adds the perfect amount of texture.

My name is Erika. said...

Nice art nouveau style page. I really like the seal addition. It's a little different style for you (at least as I have seen) but very beautiful. I love the blue. It's such a beautiful shade. Hugs-Erika

Margaret Mifsud said...

I loved the flip through of your journal Astrid .. so much gorgeousness on every single page. I must get back to practicing my writing too. It has improved slightly (mainly beause I try to slow down instead of doing it as fast as I can) but it does still get quite nasty at times .. LOL!! Love the blue journal page too .. simply stunning as always!! Have a great week my dear friend. hugs xx

Brenda Brown said...

A fabulous video showcasing those wonderful pages, so many designs, textures and beautiful writing. You really have taken the journaling to heart and I’m loving watching the process and progress of your experimentation and experiences. Xxx

Maryann Laursen said...

I really loved to see your little flip through, it looks amazing, and definitely a lot better thhan anything I could do, and your page also looks absolut gorgeous, and I loved the colors on it sooo much. I think it all was amazing, and if that´s not good in your book, then I can´t wait to see, what it´ll be, when you´ve learned a lot more LOL:
Have a wonderful week-end now.

Jennie Atkinson said...

Beautiful work (as always) Astrid. Your video walkthrough of your journal is fabulous and so inspirational. What a wonderful keepsake it is going to be. And I love the bright colours of your second journal. They really work well together. I know what you mean about working with a dip pen. I did an online course a number of years ago and tried to get to grips with it and I did in a small way and it really does add something very different to one's writing style. Look forward to seeing how you progress. Have a lovely weekend. Jennie x

froebelsternchen said...

Such beautiful work Astrid! Loved to see the slide show! Good luck with the quill pen.

Big hugs, Susi

Redanne said...

I really enjoyed your video Astrid and I love the blue background you created in your journal, such a pretty colour and it shows the Mucha image so beautifully. I just know that with perseverance you will master the dip pen sooner rather than later. Hugs, Anne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Such amazing artwork! I loved seeing your journal pages, the detail is beautiful with the tags and empherea 😁. Your planner page is stunning too, the Mucha image looks so pretty with the blue background, stamped teabag paper and wax seal - perfect! Wishing you a wonderful week! J 😊 x

Jackie P Neal said...

So very beautiful and the Mucha image,just perfect! Your daughter gave you such a lovely gift!
I have not had a chance to view your video yet, but will soon. I have also been doing some junk journaling. I found a group on FB and have been playing along.
Sending my best to you,dear Astrid,Jackie xx

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