Friday, 11 August 2017

A journal, some news and a blog break....

Hello friends, - today I have quite a few things to tell you about. It's not often I share personal things here, so this is a bit of an exception. I recently retired which gives me the freedom to have other adventures and very soon I am off to China where I was invited to teach for a week. After that I will fly on  to Australia to be with my grandchildren right up until the second week in November. As this means I will be away from my craft space for a long time,  I will have to take a bit of a blog break, so after August 15th there won't be many projects here most likely until I am back. Of course I am bringing some art supplies with me, but I don't know how much time there will be to blog about them.
Anyhow, onto today's project. The one thing that always comes along with me is a journal, so I have prepped a few pages to show:
As time was at a premium, I kept it very simple, and used only minimal supplies. As you can see, it's yet another midory sized one using Eileen Hull's wonderful journal die, but more about that in a moment. I used some of my endless stash of scrapbook papers and washi tapes. (like stamps it's an addiction I'm sure) I'll let the photos do the talking, but as you can see I left everything flat and without embellisments, so it would be easy to carry and light in weight. The closure is a simple elasticated ribbon, with plenty of room for additional things I may want to add at some later point.
I know I will not have the time to do involved mixed media art journaling, so this is more in junk journal style, though rather minimalist with plenty of space to jot down notes and memories.
Here is the first inside page with a paperbag pocket. It has a little gusset, so will hold quite a bit in the way of ephemera etc.
Below some of the double pages with some more detailed photos inbetween:

Another little pocket, with space for tickets and things
At the moment it just hold further bits and pieces I want to use for following pages.
The ticket on the right side acts like a tab. I cut two and adhered them around both sides of the page.
Here is the other side. As you can probably see it was all done in a bit of a hurry and there is not much variety. Below some closer views of each side.

And here the final page I have done so far... travel themed as you can see.

Now for the news, - I was lucky enough to have been invited to partake in an Eileen Hull publication, produced by Bellcraft Publishing. If you are at all interested in journals, you have heard about it already on Facebook or seen it on blogs. There are the most stunning examples in there, all with links to the blogs of the people that created them, plus a load of other useful information, help and tips and ideas. You can read all about it, including costs etc on Eileen's blog The book itself is downloadable and available from HERE, and there is a discount if you order during August!

Well that's it for now, I'll try and visit blogs when I can, meanwhile stay creative and thanks for your visit.


Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful journal, have fun on your travels, and come safely back! Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

Congratulations on your retirement though it seems to be short lived as you head off to China to teach. Such an adventure Astrid and then to expend your time away with a visit to your grandchildren it all sounds amazing.

The journal is very beautiful and very useful as well. I am sure lot os of people will follow the link to make their own

Will be thinking of you

Love and hugs Chrissie xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Oh my, how exciting to be travelling and teaching in China and then to Australia to visit your grandchildren, won't that be fun! Your travel journal is amazing and a wonderful place to capture your happy memories 😁. As always I love the aged and worn look and feel to your pieces - beautiful! I will miss visiting with you while you are away but I can't wait to hear about all you adventures on your return 😀. Have a great Friday and weekend, and wishing you very Happy Travels, enjoy! J 😊

A Pink said...

Your journal is fabulous, as always! Astrid and I'm sure will be a much loved companion throughout your travels as you collect those precious memories to look back on when you return.
Congratulations on your retirement! :) Its so wonderful that you are embracing it to its full. You be sure to have an amazing time in China and a wonderful , wonderful time with your family in Australia . Take care , travel safe and enjoy my lovely friend .
Big hugs x

Theresa said...

What a way to start retirement! If you are going to travel that far you might as well make the most of it and it reads like you will be doing just that. Can't spoil those grand children enough. Mine is turning nineteen in December and I don't get to see but every couple of years so a couple of months with them sounds like heaven to me. I hope you have room in your suitcase for an idea notebook so when you do get back, all the inspiring things you will have seen and experienced is ready to spark your creativity. Have fun and get home safely. I will miss your posts and they provide a lot of inspiration. thanks as always for sharing.

Corrie Herriman said...

Beautiful as always Astrid ! I will miss you but I hope you have a fabulous trip ! Enjoy ! xx

Dorthe said...

Dear Astrid, you will surely be missed here, -but I can understand your joy and happy feelings, about both teaching in China- WOW- and being with your grandchildren for many weeks. Congratulations with being retired ( pensioner ? ) and with your new life- I know you will have wonderful times ahead.
Yes I read about the book , it sounds fantastic, congratulations , also in being published there with your beautiful art.
This journal is another example on your amazing art and work, I love it.
Take care Astrid,- and see you in between !!
Hugs, Dorthe

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Gorgeous journal with so much wonderful detail (as always). Congratulations on your retirement, I'm not sure how you found time while working to create so much beautiful art. I'm retired and get so busy that I have to schedule time (when I have a studio). I can relate to not having much in the way of art supplies (I don't while I'm living in a temporary place). How wonderful that you are invited to teach in China. Enjoy the precious time with your grandchildren and the break from blogging. Take care, Shirleyxx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip Astrid, this is what retirement should be like, you enjoy every minute. Love your journal, oerfect for your travels, love the vintage feel and a gorgeous cover too. Safe travels . Tracy x

Maryann Laursen said...

Oh my goodness, I absolut adore your gorgeous journal here, it´s sooo beautiful and perfect in any thinkable way and I just LOVE it, as simple is that.
Congrats on being retired hun, so now you´re going to be really busy all the time, andd I can hear, it´s already on ha ha ha. But have loads of fun and just enjoy it, as it´ll hopefully only be with things, that YOU love and enjoy. And have loads of fun with these greandies, overthere, that is definitely the best time any gran ccan get, that´s for sure. Have a wonderful time hun and a safe travel around amd take good care.
Best of luck with the demoes and biiiiig warm hugs from me.

Jenny Marples said...

You never stand still Astrid! Wishing you a fabulous time teaching in China and then hope you spend many happy hours and days making memories with the family in Australia. You will be taking a very special and beautiful journal with you xx

Team Clark said...

This is incredible Astrid! I just the colors and gorgeous vintage vibe! Stunning! Biggest congrats on being published in the book! Yay for you! Hugs, Autumn

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Congrats on being published and I hope you will have a great time teaching in China - ENJOY!!! And I wish you a wonderful time afterwards with your family!
Enjoy !!!
I love that wonderful journal you prepaired for yourself - in and out a treasure!

All the best - I will miss your blogposts!
Take good care of you!

Debi said...

Have a wonnderful time on your journey! Look forward to hearing about your adventures. Stay safe.


Meggymay said...

Have a wonderful trip Astrid, freedom to do things for yourself is what retirement is all about.
I'm sure you will enjoy teaching in China and then the time with your family will be special. Enjoy your journey and make many memories.
Yvonne xx
p.s. Nearly forgot to say your journal is gorgeous.

pearshapedcrafting said...

How exciting! You certainly are starting retirement in the right way (although we hardly seem to be at home - which probably isn't right!!) Have wonderful time in China and of course you are sure to have fun in Australia with your Grandchildren! Your travel journal is a real treat already so look forward to seeing it when you get back! I would have been disappointed if you hadn't been part of Eileen's e-book - Congratulations! Wishing you a safe journey! Hugs, Chrisx

Adriana B said...

congratulations on your retirement :) more time for creating and exploring :) Your travel journals are always awesome and unique. I hope to catch up with you when you are in Australia XX safe travels XX

butterfly said...

It's absolutely beautiful, Astrid - I love the gentle vintage beauty of the cover, and the junk journal pages are perfect for providing that hit of inspiration as you sit down to compose a few thoughts about your travels. Gorgeous! What an exciting trip - I hope you have an amazing time with the teaching in China, and a wonderful visit with your family. Enjoy the blog break!
Alison xx

Julia Aston said...

What a wonderful opportunity for you Astrid - teaching in China! and then a super long visit with the grands - you sure know how to do retirement! Your journal is just beautiful - love the cover and all the lovely vintage junk pages inside - I'm sure you will fill it with wonderful details about your travels! Julia xx

Annie said...

Your journal is simply stunning both inside and out Astrid xxx I love the details and look forward to seeing it completed when you return from your amazing trip xxx Have an amazing time in China and enjoy the time with your lovely family/grandchildren in Australia xx You will be missed here in Blog land but we will be waiting on your return and looking forward to hearing all about your amazing adventures......Happy Retirement
Annie xx

Margaret Mifsud said...

Congratulations on your retirement Astrid and how wonderful for you to be teaching in China .. I'm sure that will be an amazing experience. Your travel journal is gorgeous. I love the washi tape and the tickets on all the pages and the cover is simply stunning .. so beautiful. Have a wonderful trip to China and, is there a possibility of catching up with you while you're in Aus?? .. would love to see you. If not, have a fabulous time visiting with your family and safe travels. hugs xx

Helen Wallace said...

How exciting to take a detour and teach in China before catching up with Grandchildren in Australia. Enjoy every moment, because we never know what lies ahead. Love your journal, so elegant with lots of room to add wonderful experiences. There is much more to life than blogging, so seize the day. I'm off to take a look at Eileen's blog and TFS

koi seo said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip Astrid, this is what retirement should be like, you enjoy every minute.

Jackie P Neal said...

Oh My Astrid!! the exciting adventures that lie ahead for you!! first, congratulations on your retirement- just wait, you will have less time now than you ever did! heehee
And teaching in China?? WOWSSSS! Please take lots of photos to share- I think this is awesome!however did this come about?

Congrats on being in Eileen's book- of course she would ask you, you are the queen of Midori- in my opinion! heehee
This journal is just gorgeous, I absolutely love the cover- it is perfect!!
and finally, enjoy your time away,breathe in each moment and then return safely with much to share!

Sending love, hugs and well wishes! Jackie xx

Mrs.B said...

Congratulations on your Retirement and how exciting to teach in China and then to extend your travels to spend time with your family in Australia.
Congratulation on being published in Eileen's book, and this journal is full of a great inspiration and details. Enjoy your time away and have a safe journey.
Avril xx

Sara Barker said...

So many reasons to lift a glass and celebrate! Congratulations on your well deserved retirement, albeit short-lived as you head to China! Enjoy that family time in your next leg of your journey--it looks like you have the perfect place to record those memories! What a beautiful journal! Biggest congratulations on your being published! Sending hugs!

Eileen Hull said...

These pages are beautiful- just waiting to receive the tales of your trip! Have a great time and we will be waiting to hear all about it when you get back!

Sandy said...

What wonderful news you bring us! I have been told that when people retire, they are busier than when they worked!
Off to China - what a thrill - I wish I could be packed away in your suitcase. Or I could go as your Lady's Maid. Hmmmmmmm...
You sure are going to be doing some traveling. Isn't it funny how once we have grandchildren - we say we are going to see the grandchildren - never going to see a daughter or son. I know you will have a wonderful time.
Love your journal - you are so romantic. I have already downloaded the Journal Treasury - love it.
sandy xx

toni said...

A beautiful journal Astrid! Have a fantastic time on your travels! Stay safe and 'see' you when you get back. Bon voyage ! Xx

roth phallyka said...

you are so romantic. I have already downloaded the Journal Treasury - love it.

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